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We are a large variety local Hardware & Seed Store featuring 7 acres of Lawn & Farm Seed, Garden Supplies, Small Engines, Wood-Pellet-Gas Stoves, Farm Supplies, Paint, Clothing, Bee Supplies, Agricultural Chemicals, and Hardware!

We have been a staple in the community since 1899.  Let us assist you & see what makes us unique!

Nixa Hardware & Seed is uniquely local. We're focused on providing you with a level of service that's only possible when employees care about the communities they serve. And they can't wait to help you navigate your next DIY project, whether it's fixing a leaky pipe or embarking on a full-scale yard renovation.

Our values are part of our history:

Since our original location opened in downtown Nixa in 1899, a lot has changed. But our commitment to low prices and having the products you need has remained the same. We offer a lowest price guarantee so you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best value.

In 1988, Nixa Hardware & Seed moved to the corner of Hwy 14 and 160 in our new "7 Acres of Savings" location in central Nixa, Missouri. We have expanded our products and services over the years to include a team of pellet and gas stove technicians, a fleet of delivery trucks, a gas showroom for builders and remodels (by appointment only), a full line of beekeeping supplies, and a covered nursery that doubles as the largest Christmas Tree lot in the area every November.

Nixa Hardware & Seed is still here today because we're constantly striving to adapt to our customers' changing needs, finding a perfect niche for our community's needs. If you're wondering if we carry it, we probably do—stop by Nixa Hardware and check us out!

What is a Seed Company?


We research each and every variety of seed we offer for sale. That includes determining if the new varieties will perform well for our local temperature extremes area and our unique “Ozarks” soils. We maintain numerous test plots on our 500-acre research farm, ranging from turf-type tall fescue varieties for lawns to determine color rating and drought tolerance, to pasture and deer mixes to determine the most desirable mix percentages.


A large percentage of the seeds we sell are grown on our very own production farms. From Landstar Red clover on our own farm, to our cross-pollinated Coldgrazer Rye, you can be assured we offer the highest quality seeds available.


Nixa Hardware & Seed operates as one of the oldest continual seed processors in the state of Missouri. Offering seed mixes for sale such as our Fast Pasture mix, deer plot mixes, as well as custom mixes, we can fill a farmer's seed needs.


Our seed testing follows the guidelines set forth by the Department of Agriculture, ensuring you the highest quality seed. Every bag you purchase will have a quality guarantee, showing you the germination and purity of the seed that you are purchasing.


Our Wholesale Seed Division offers wholesale pricing to the public. We believe in offering the best price to everyone-- from the farmer planting 100 acres to the homeowner patching their yard. By selling direct to the consumer, our seed division bypasses wholesaler and retailer mark-ups for the benefit of the customer. We can assist you with reseeding your lawn or figuring out the best grazing pasture to fit your needs, including custom mixes. We offer local delivery for your convenience, as well as competitive shipping rates to get your seed to you if you are out of the area.

Our History

Founded in 1899 by F.M. Wasson, Nixa Hardware originally was located in a small wooden building just west of Main Street.

Wasson had six nephews who worked on a farm just south of Nixa. The farm wasn't large enough to support all six nephews, so in 1907, Wasson invited one of his nephews to work alongside him in the hardware business.

His two eldest nephews flipped a coin to see who would work for their uncle. Efton Hawkins won the coin toss, joined his uncle in the hardware business and later became his partner.

In 1909 Nixa Hardware moved to a new building on Main Street. The building had a water system and gas lights which were firsts in Nixa and water and gas were provided to neighboring businesses.

The early store carried tools, windmills, horse-drawn wagons and Model T Fords, which were moved to the showroom upstairs using a hand-pulled rope elevator. The store also stocked ice boxes, cast-iron cooking utensils, buggy supplies, harrows and horse collars, pumps, firearms and dynamite.

In the 1930's the store branched out and began selling farm equipment, such as binders, thrashers and combines for harvesting seed. Nixa's early city council meetings were held at the store around the “pot-belly” stove because there was no city hall.

By 1988, Nixa Hardware had outgrown its downtown location, and the store moved to a new building at the corner of Highway 160 and Highway 14. This is where we remain with our “7 Acres of Savings” location to serve the community today.